Turns out in the Dubrovnik harbor is the world’s third largest yacht, Al Said.  Thats right, just ran into the first and third.  This one is owned by the sultan of Oman.  Not as great as the other one (its beige), but still a good surprise to see.  Again, had to walk all the way around the harbor for a good view.  

We have made a change of plan and left Dubrovnik three days early to see Plitvice National Park.  After walking around for only two hours this evening, we’ve made the right choice.  Dubrovnik is pretty, but the coast is a cliff, thus unwalkable, the old city is mostly touristy, and the whole city is generally tough to walk.  It is settled between the mountains and the sea, so the road are narrow and not conducive to walking.  Now we are outdoor hiking around and over many waterfalls in between 16 lakes, a pleasant shift from the cities.  We’ve purposefully kept our itinerary open for changes like this.  The only things that are certain are the fights from country to country.  Even the hostels can be changed on relatively short notice, which makes for a nice general framework. (photos)