Student Exchange society

I suppose England can be dreary.  Seeing deserted streets and overcast skies is depressing no matter how great the architecture is.  Even seeing strangers walking the streets adds warmth to the scene.  The important thing is to make friends, and the friends I’ve made are great.  They really make England.  My friends, both international and local, are really welcoming and outgoing.  The international students are in the same situation I’m in, we don’t really know anyone here, so we need to try to make new friends (though it’s not difficult).  It really reminds me of the first week of college.  Everyone know no one; we’re all trying to meet friends.

I went clubbing with an international society, Nottingham University Student Exchange society.  We all met at the Rose & Crown for drinks and socializing.  I didn’t get the traditional english pub feel from the place, perhaps because there were fifty international students there.