The study abroad students, and the English students, here are concerned with events in their own countries and also America, in politics and culture.  There are American cultural exports in magazines, movies, songs, technology.  On many occasions people will ask if I like some American tv show or movie & I haven’t seen it.  They’re saying how could you not watch it! There isn’t enough time.  

Many of the exchange students I meet already know a little about America and will often follow up with the question of where in America I’m from.  Sadly I only know the major cities in other countries, though luckily thats where people say their from.  The other day I met some students from Singapore who attend university at the Malaysia campus ( one of the University of Nottingham’s other campuses, the other is in China).  I assumed Singapore was near China, like Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Guess what, its near Malaysia.  They laughed as I confirmed the clueless-about-everywhere-else American stereotype.  I think they had a list of misconceptions going; glad I could help with your scavenger hunt!  They’re really cool now though.