I set out to see the synchronous fireflies, Photinus carolinusagain. This time I went to Elkmont Campground, the best place to see them, three days after their peak activity. Conditions were very good for the fireflies. The campground is at 2000' (the ideal elevation) the temperature was warm (70s; above 55), and there had been only a little rain. First we went to a small cemetery. The air was very still and we saw many blue ghost fireflies along the edge near the forest. Blue fireflies are difficult to photograph. With the 30 second exposure below I only saw a few yellow fireflies. The open area of the cemetery isn't the best place to see the synchronous fireflies; they prefer more wooded meadows. We walked to a more wooded area and saw the fireflies synchronize! At this point I put my camera down and just enjoyed being there.