Firenze is tough to leave.  It has been my favorite place so far.  I love the food, atmosphere, and the feel of the place.  On the last day I took a trip to Cortona by train.  Cortona is a hilltop town of 23,000.  It is quaint and old school.  Little did I know that the train does not stop at the top, but at the bottom, in a different town.  When I stepped out of the station I saw Cortona, my goal, on the top of the hill.  I wasn’t sure if there was a bus or where it would pick up, and there was no one around to ask (from 2-5 in the afternoon everything closes, the place is deserted, making my arrival somewhat depressing).  Being from mountainous Tennessee, I started walking up the hill.  The hike was a little arduous, but the rewards (both the longterm of the view from the top and the short-term views from the side) kept me going.  Along the way I met an elderly gentleman who spoke some English.  He pointed me toward a small footpath that was 10 minutes to the top (not including time to take photos).  Taking the road meant winding back and forth.  I was walking near a couple about my age (we kept leapfrogging each other as we stopped to take photos), I beat the to the top by about 20 minutes.  The results are amazing!  Other towns, vineyards, paths, old churches, all spread out before Cortona.  I grabbed a gelato and just gazed out (even though I could see my breath, and people were looking at me funny, I was wearing green, orange shorts and eating gelato, in the cold).  The place is very laid back & I dont know if I could live here, but it seems like the perfect retirement town.  Pretty sights, few tourists, chill attitude, and good restaurants. (pics).