Manchester is a great city.  The city center is vast, and there is lots to see.  We mainly stuck to the historical Manchester.  The Old Wellington is the first English pub I’ve been in, and it did not disappoint.  The food was wonderful (half of a duck in spicy plum sauce) and the atmosphere even better.  This is the England I’ve been looking for.  There are two over arching themes to my study here.  One is historical and the other is cultural.  There is a stark difference between the two and the people interested in each.  On one hand there are my international friends, who want to see historical England (cathedrals, castles, pubs, cozy bookshops).  The other group is comprised of my English friends.  They want to experience the present day culture (concerts, clubs, being university students).  I almost wish England was just as quaint as it seems in travel books.  But it would remiss if I went the entire time without acknowledging, participating, and learning about what is happening in England today.   I enjoy being part of each half and getting the chance to compare the two. (bonus photos)