Back to work

With finals coming up, now is the time for revision.  Our lecturers provide us with the topics we really have to know for the final.  My finals will offer a choice of questions & I’ll answer the one’s I’ve studied for.  At home the professors expect us to know all the material for the final, here we can choose what we are strongest in.  I’ve gotten a few grades back & the results are good.  Some places I need to study more.  Thats why having multiple assignments constitue my semester grade is good;  I have time to revise where my knowledge is lacking.  I the UK school system the average grade is a 50%, and 40% is passing. Anything above a 70% is a first and anything over 90% is publishable.  I like how the grades are shifted lower in the spectrum of percentages.  This allows truly remarkable people to be exposed.  At home we only use less than half the scale (60% and above), doing a wonderful job of differentiating people who are failing.  Where is the sense in that?  On the other hand, if you miss half the questions, do you really know the subject?