Barcelona Protests

"social sector struggle with social rights eis not negocta” Graffiti on a building near where we are staying, from the protests.  We, Loren & I, walked the gothic quarter today because it is outside & we dont have to rely on striking workers to see it.  We stumbled upon a local coffee shop & got a cafe con liche, coffe with milk, which was great.  I’m not even much of a coffee drinker.  We did see the protest from a distance.  Before we saw the protest we saw about 12 SWAT trucks go by.  After some time the people started to get wild & we heard loud bangs form cherry bombs and saw black smoke and flames.  Fire is too much, so we walked back to the oblivious tourist section of the city, the docks.  To avoid the protesters, we avoided wherever the police helicopter was hovering over.