Semester End

The hall I live on is vicious when it comes to people leaving their doors unlocked.  It’s an invitation to mayhem.  Most of the time it’s facebook posts (why don’t people password protect their computers when they sleep?) or flipping posters.  This one is over the top.  (it’s not my room but a friend’s)  It’s a pretty intense prank, even the drinks in the fridge were wrapped.  He left for a whole day or two so there was tons of time.  On facebook he said he was more impressed than upset, so thats good.

On a different note I’ve been planning my sleep schedule to accomodate sleep cycles so as to not wake in the middle of a cycle.  That way I’ll wake fully refreshed in the morning.  Each cycle is 1.5 hours so sleeping for 7.5 or 9.0 hours is ideal even if it means waking up half an hour earlier.  It’s working really well & helping me get morning revision done for finals.