In Firenze we found the market, and had lunch at Nerbone, a place recommended by Rick Steves.  It was great, just good marinated pork on great bread, slathered in gravy.  I went off & explored the Medici Family palace.  The place is elegant, borderline gaudy though.  Every celling is coffered and gilded.  The apartments for senators are sometimes large sometimes small, all a tactic of keeping power.  This also provided the first view of Flounce from above, it’s great, red clay roofs as far as the mountains.  

We then hiked to an overlook near the city.  A short hike, but well worth it.  The view was spectacular.  Everywhere we had been was in view, Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, the Medici Palace.  While at the church up there we saw a woman getting interviewed about her wedding (she probably paid for a documentary).  I read Atlas Shrugged (I’m in the middle of John Galt’s 50 page speech now!) on the steps of the church, and someone used me as a model taking my picture candidly, how cool.  I felt like a citizen of Firenze.  Reading on the steps of the church with the view of the city, just wonderful. (more photos) (even more)