I am still struggling with properly exposing my photos. The light meter in the Nikon FE is center weighted. This means the exposure is biased (60/40) towards properly exposing whatever is in the center of the frame. This works well for images that have relatively uniform light intensity (eg mountains on a clear day). However it does not work well with large dynamic ranges between the darkest shadows and the brightest highlights.

In this image of Shelby she is in the sunlight while behind her are trees in the shadows. The exposure is correct according to the center weighted TTL meter, through I would have preferred Shelby to be less overexposed even at the expense of crushed details in the shadows (which are blurred anyway).

The same effect can be seen in these two images in New York. The sky between the rail way structure is blown out as is the light between the leaves on Park Avenue. Even though the photos have overexposed sections they have a dreamy look to them.