The last two days in London were great.  I had a bap (without bubbles) at Maria’s Market Cafe in the Borough Market.  The sandwich was overly greasy with hearty bread and the skimpiest of vegetables on top, perfect.  In the afternoon I saw the exhibit Animals Inside Out, plastinated and dissected animals by the same people who do the Bodies exhibits.  The preserved detail is amazing, and offers the chance to compare anatomies of different species in the same family (horses have longer feet & walk on their toes).  My favorite is the shark who’s veins and arteries are left in place but everything else has been removed.  Fine red wires are all that’s left, mostly concentrated in the fins & more sparse in the nose.  

The last day was a great day for spotting cars.  On the one hand I feel like the unashamed paparazzi but on the other, they’re driving an out of the ordinary freaking awesome car!  I visited Daunt Books to look for another book (as I finished Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, which is a wonderfully reasoned book).  I couldn’t find anything I liked but the store has a great classical, comfortable look.  Today, after being in England for three months, I had a proper English tea time.  It was quite impressive.  I didn’t think I would like tea with milk and sugar, but it was very good.  My favorite part is the scone with clotted cream.  Clotted cream tastes lightly like butter but with a thin milk flavor toward the end.  I’ll be looking for it when I get home.  Before I go back to the hostel I ran into a protest (?).  I think they were celebrating someone’s birthday.  Either way they stopped traffic in Oxford Circus (and trapped an Aston Martin in the intersection), crazy. (photos, more)