Red River Gorge 2

This weekend, I went to Red River Gorge (aka the Red) to climb with friends. I onsignted Brolo El Cunado (5.8), and top roped Mary Pop-Parazzi (5.5), Pocahontas Path (5.7), Raindancer (5.10a), Rinse and Repeat (5.7), Cheaper than a Movie (5.8), Brown Eyed Girl (5.10a), and Baby Blue Eyes (5.10c) on the Chica Bonita wall in the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve. I toproped Wonkaholic (5.10a) and tried Old School Chocolate (5.7) on the Chocolate Factory wall in the Bald Rock Recreational Preserve. We climbed a good mix of slab routes with small holds requiring balance and crack climbs with laybacks. We camped and ate at Miguel's, and I got to use my new tent and sleeping pad for the first time.