Alum Cave

Today my friend and I hiked to Mount LeConte along the Alum Cave trail. This hike was 11.0 miles round trip with 2763 feet of climbing. This was a perfect day to hike. There was light cloud cover so it wasn't too hot, and we had a great view from the top.

At the peak is LeConte Lodge where hikers can reserve a cabin for the night. The cabins are little more than a single room with a porch but they do have a bed with fresh sheets. The lodge also has chocolate chip and no-bake chocolate cookies and lemonade, coffee, and hot chocolate. I had one of each cookie. Kitchen supplies and laundry are carried up and down the mountain by a pack of llamas three days a week along the Trillium Gap trail. They make the 6.5 mile trek in 4 hours.