London is great, again.  I got to see Parlament in session (the House of Commons).  It seemed relaxed.  Granted they were not debating a hot topic, financial services bill report govt. new clause 4.  Basically do pay day loan lenders need more regulation.  There were lots of sob stories, so and so just needed cash they didn’t have time to read the fine print or research a company.  Cameras are not allowed (neither are guns, knives, padlocks, video cameras, or cell phones), so I took some time to draw it.  It turned out ok.  I know what it looks like because it helps recall my memory of being there.

That was Yesterday.  Today I saw a play.  My day began with an Affogato, really just ice cream with an espresso poured over, but it was brilliant.  The flavor would increase in bitterness, just to the point when it is about to turn bad and then mellows out.  Without any plans I walked to the West End, London’s Broadway, & found a discount ticket place (TKTS, the original) & asked about prices.  I wanted to see Chicago but it was a bit expensive, so I caught the matinee of Woman In Black.  My friend from Nottingham University said the play was good, I was skeptical because the plot is a ghost story.  Boy was I wrong, everything about it was great.  The lighting, sounds, jumps, and characters.  None of the frights were given away beforehand, just as it should be, but not as good as I was expecting.  The pacing seemed a little slow, but looking back it was good.  (photosmoreeven more)