British Museum

Unexpectedly and happily I explored London yesterday.  My plan was to go to Whitby (sold out), then to Bath (too expensive), then to Cambridge (expensive and odd train schedules), so I ended up in London.  I knew it was the right choice when I walked out of St Pancras train station and saw an Aston Martin in the first parking spot.  I smiled and thought of my brother (he & I really like awesome & usually costly cars).  I turned right & walked into the British Library.  The collection was started by King George III.  They have on display some of Da Vinci’s notes, the Canterbury Tales, fragments of the Gospel of John (on papyrus), a King James Bible, and the Magna Carta.  It was quite impressive.  The importance of the documents on display cannot be overstated.  After wandering around (London is huge), I found the British Museum.  It is filled with artefacts from mostly Greece, Egypt, and Syria, but also Japan, America and elsewhere.  There are numerous marble statues and Egyptian sculptures.  I find the most interesting to be the Rosetta Stone and the East Pediment of the Parthenon.  This was only a day trip, and there are many more things to be seen.  I’ll be back. (bonus photos)