Firefly Hike

Today I went on my first night hike. We set out to see the synchronous fireflies. The fireflies are best seen at Elkmont, but the area is only open to those with a pass from the lottery in April. We hiked Abrams Creek because I'd done it before and the start is along the creek, hopefully where the fireflies would be. We started about 45 minutes before sunset, and hiked about 2 miles, paused to take pictures at the creek, and turned around to hike back in the dark. Hiking in the dark was a bit creepy. Spider eyes reflected my headlamp like diamonds with beautiful pure colors, but there were a lot of spider eyes. After having only seen a few fireflies on the hike we got back to the car and saw dozens in the field and forest edge next to the parking lot. Not what I was hoping for, but fun nonetheless.