Old Gray Cemetery

This is the Old Gray Cemetery in North Knoxville. The first photo is a little over exposed. I set the ASA knob to 100 while using 200 ISO film. I wanted to see if this would give better colors. Someone at the local camera store said this would result in a “deeper” negative. I took this to mean richer colors, but I now think it means the blacks are not as crushed. However, I do not mind missing out on details in the shadows. I think the higher contrast gives photos a comic book feel where the colors are saturated and the blacks are true black. I think I will stick with the recommended ISO for now. The colors I’ve gotten are so beautiful. Either way the cemetery’s many sculptures and tombstones are pretty in the sunlight. The second photo was taken with my new 75-150mm f/3.5 Nikon E series telephoto lens. The angel in the center of the image is a little out of focus and I do not think there are enough foreground elements to really get a good depth of field. Much of the image does look pretty sharp though.