Bull Head

Today I hiked to Mt LeConte. There are five ways to hike to Mt LeConte: Alum Cave Trail, Boulevard Trail, Rainbow Falls Trail, Trillium Gap Trail, and the one I hadn’t done, Bull Head Trail. Some people count Brushy Mountain Trail too, but it shares 3.6 miles with Trillium Gap Trail. The hike today was 13.4 miles with 4900 feet of climbing. The views along this trail are similar to those on the Alum Cave Trail. From Mt LeConte cliff top I could see the jagged, V-shaped ridges made of Anakeesta Formation, a type of slate common in The Sawteeth. Judging from the look out of Mt LeConte cliff top, I think the distant peak to the far left in the last photo is Clingman’s Dome (the highest point in the park). Zooming all the way in, I can maybe make out the observation tower. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of Clingman’s Dome at 50mm. Today I focused on using larger apertures (f/8-11) to take landscape photos. I learned that lenses are not the sharpest at the smallest aperture. I had been taking landscape photos with the smallest aperture (about f/22), but the distant mountains always seemed a little blurry. The results from today look better.