Vegetable DNA Extraction Party

I recently hosted a vegetable DNA extraction party for my friends to create discussion around DIYBio.  We followed a few different protocols but found this one from the University of Utah to be the best.  The basic procedure is to puree the flesh of a fruit or vegetable.  Filter the puree to remove large pieces.  Add detergent/soap/surfactant to the filtered liquid to break up the lipid membrane.  DNA is compacted by coiling around proteins (histones), so add meat tenderizer (a protease) to break up the proteins and free the DNA.  Add salt to the puree to interact with the negatively charged DNA backbone and make the DNA less hydrophilic, water loving.  The final step is to layer cold, 95% ethanol above the puree.  Because the DNA backbone and salt ions want to be close together, and water molecules prevent that, the DNA precipitates out of the water phase and into the ethanol phase.  This can be seen in the image.  The white strands are DNA!  Why would you want to extract DNA from fruits and vegetables?  You could test the DNA for genetic modifications or species fraud by collecting the DNA and sending off for sequencing.  You could PCR amplify specific genes for further cloning.  Or any application you can think of; be creative!