Big Hero 6 is an awesome Pixar movie from last year.  While the main plot follows superheroes fighting a villain, the beginning of the film really idolizes science and maker culture.  The main character, Hero Himada, uses homemade bots to win illegal robot fights in the streets of San Fransokyo (San Francisco / Tokyo mashup).  His older brother, Tadashi, is a student at university engineering a healthcare robot, Baymax.  The scene where Tadashi's lab is introduced is really cool, and in some ways captures the excitement of scientific (and engineering) research.

My sister helped me print RyanMark's Baymax model.  I chose this model because it is designed to not need supports.  Baymax is a difficult shape to print because both the top and bottom are rounded.  Additionally, his hands and fingers create an overhang.  This model is printed in two halves to avoid these problems.  This way each half is printed from a stable base and any small parts (fingers) are printed out from the main structure.  We printed Baymax at 20% fill to save materials.  Because the plastic we printed with is clear you can see the fill as crossed lines across Baymax's body.  After the print finished I used a toothpick to paint the eyes with Testors black enamel model paint (though liquid rubber would have worked well too).