Moss and Mycelium Update

The minimal surface, vertical moss garden is growing well!  I water it twice a day by pouring water on the top of the tower.  I'm keeping it covered with a glass to keep the humidity high.  After a day in the sunlight, condensation builds on the glass.  The pencils leave a small gap to allow some air exchange.  The moss at the bottom of the surface (closest to the water) are growing much better than the suspended moss.  I think this is because the bottom is wetter.  I've added plant food for acid loving plants to the water to provide the moss with nutrients.

There is growth in both mycelium cultures.  The one in the bottle is growing much better.  The culture does not look like a solid mass yet.  I'll wait a little longer to see if it grows denser.  The culture in the cup is not really growing.  This may be because I seeded the culture with mushrooms instead of spores.  This culture also has a small mold contamination (green spot in upper right corner).  I didn't plan ahead and think about how to bake these to get a nice solid, sterile mycelium brick.  Neither container will do well in the oven.  Maybe I'll cut the containers away and transfer the mycelium/coffee grounds into a ramekin.