The picture on the left is an egg in a 3D printed voronoi coquetier, or eggcup.  At least on the surface, complexity seems reversed from what is typical.  That is the inorganic eggcup has a much more complex structure that the simple curved biological egg.  In contrast, the varied structures of the succulents to the right are more complex than the plain pot they're in.

While complexity between the egg and eggcup at the macroscopic scale is reversed, the minimalism of the egg hides far more complex nanostructure than the eggcup.  The egg has the potential to make a quite radical transformation into a bird with many types of tissue displaying varied structures.

Interestingly, biology and 3D printing are starting to merge and create objects that are complex across many scales.  Biobots makes printers that create biocompatible scaffolds that support cell cultures and grow organs.

The coquetier was designed by @Gregoware, downloaded from @thingiverse and printed on an @ultimaker.