My sister set up and ran a creative Minecraft server for a while.  She built this whitehouse at the spawn site.  I captured this model and had it printed before she shut down the server as a way to remember it.

The flag and tree are fragile (at least in sandstone) because they are only connected by a single Minecraft block.  Otherwise, the full color model is beautiful.

I used Mineways to capture the volume I wanted to print. It is easy to use. The world save is opened in a top down view, and you just select the volume to print. The Minecraft world save is converted into an stl file, ready to be sliced and printed. I found this method through erich666's L'Effie, Vokselia's Eiffel Tower and Mauricio's October 27th, 2010 blog post

This was my first 3D model, and the easiest to make. As a CAD program, Minecraft is very intuitive.