Gordon Conference

I was in Ventura, California from January 8 - 13, 2017 to present a poster titled Resource Sharing Controls Gene Expression Bursting at the Stochastic Physics in Biology Gordon Research Conference: Landscapes, Stochastic Dynamics and Heterogeneity in Biology. The research is now published open access at ACS Synthetic Biology. The Gordon Conferences are unique. Everyone signs an NDA and no photos are allowed, so very new results are presented and discussed. The conference topics are very specific so the audience is small and mostly the world experts in the field. Because the conferences are small, discussion is encouraged from everyone, even grad students. Finally the conferences are in remote locations and there is an early afternoon break every day where people are encouraged to hang out. During this time I played soccer, tennis, biked and ran with professors, post docs, and other grad students. It was a great way to get to know people in a less academic, less intimidating way. I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Daniel Gillespie and his wife Carol Gillespie. He created the Gillespie algorithm which I use to make stochastic simulations of my experimental system. He spoke about how the algorithm was created and how he received great skepticism when he first presented it.