QD Forum 2017

March 16, 2017 I was in LA to present a talk at QD Forum, the worldwide conference for the quantum dot market, in La Jolla California. As VP of Technology of the startup NanoElements Source, I presented a talk titled, "Biological Production of Quantum Dot Material." This was intimidating, but I had my talk down. The audience of pioneers in the field were very kind. Our product was clearly not at the level they are at or what is needed in the current industry applications. However, they offered good advice moving forward, and I made many good connections. This trip was funded from the first place winnings in the first Pitches and Pints in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Small Business Voucher

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Nano Elements Source has been awarded a Small Business Voucher from the Department of Energy.  The Small Business Voucher program connects technology startups with unique concentration of resources at Research Universities and the National Laboratories. We have partnered with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to improve the quality of our nanoparticles, a critical step towards commercialization. By the end of this funding period we will have demonstrated improved quality of our nanoparticles as well as developed a cost effective method to improve their quality.

Pitches and Pints

Arnab Chakraborty, founder of Flow MedTech, presenting Patrick Caveney with the winning check.

Nano Elements Source won first place in the first Pitches and Pints in Johnson City, Tennessee sponsored and organized by the founders of BrewFundPerserbid, and Flow Medtech. This event brought together 8 tech companies from the Tri-Cities area to compete for $2,000. We won first place pitching the future of quantum dot manufacturing. This money will go towards 

Start-up Day Elevator Pitch

In November 2014, NanoElements, LLC was invited to speak at Knoxville's second annual Startup Day event. The afternoon was a showcase of local entrepreneurship activity including speakers by prominent entrepreneurs, investment organizations and entrepreneurial support organizations. The focus of the event was the pitches given by actual start up companies. The video is the elevator pitch given to introduce the company at the event.