Runyon Canyon

Today, I went for a short run through Runyon Canyon. I started at the top at the Mulholland Drive entrance, ran to the peak, then descended a little bit before turning around back to the parking lot. This ended up being a shorter run than I expected (~ 2 miles) but was still quite challenging because of how steep the trails were and how dry the air was. I had great views of downtown LA, the Hollywood sign, and Griffith Observatory. After the run the sun had set, and I walked around the observatory. They had a cloud chamber for observing particles that I could have watched all day. I was in LA to recruit new graduate students for the Bredesen Center from UCLA and Harvey Mudd.

March 16, 2017 I was in LA to present a talk at QD Forum, the worldwide conference for the quantum dot market, in La Jolla California. As VP of Technology of the startup NanoElements Source, I presented a talk titled, "Biological Production of Quantum Dot Material." This was intimidating, but I had my talk down. The audience of pioneers in the field were very kind. Our product was clearly not at the level they are at or what is needed in the current industry applications. However, they offered good advice moving forward, and I made many good connections. This trip was funded from the first place winnings in the first Pitches and Pints in Johnson City, Tennessee.