Gregory Bald

This weekend a few friends and I hiked to Gregory Bald. This was a bit of a challenging hike with 3,000 feet of climbing in the first half (then descending 3,000 feet back to the car). The bald doesn't have any trees, only has azalea bushes, so there are beautiful views in all directions (including overlooking Cades Cove). We were about 2 weeks early to see the azaleas bloom. There were buds though. This was a great spring hike with a lot of flowers and greenery.

Devil's Race Track

January 27, 2018 we went climbing at Devils Race Track in Tennessee. This is a really cool area. Fins of rock jut out of the mountain and form the climbing walls. It took us 3 hours to find the wall we wanted to climb. We ended up just hiking to the top of the mountain and looking down from there. This area was recently in a wild fire, so the landscape looked eerie with the steep slope and burned plants.