Devil's Race Track

January 27, 2018 we went climbing at Devils Race Track in Tennessee. This is a really cool area. Fins of rock jut out of the mountain and form the climbing walls. It took us 3 hours to find the wall we wanted to climb. We ended up just hiking to the top of the mountain and looking down from there. This area was recently in a wild fire, so the landscape looked eerie with the steep slope and burned plants.


RAGBRAI 2016! My family and I did the Des Moines Register Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, RAGBRAI this summer.  We rode 420 miles in 7 days (average 60 miles per day) from Glenwood on the Missouri River (west) to Muscatine on the Mississippi River (east). 

My dad and brother and I also rode RAGBRAI 2012 (left) and RAGBFAI 2010 (right), and my dad and I rode RAGBRAI 2008. On the right we are dipping our front tires into the Mississippi River in Dubuque.