Occasionally, I will add photos to deviantart.  I enjoy cross processing pictures and documenting interesting things I see.  I have not posted recently.  I am trying to focus on living in the moment, so my photography has declined.  However, it seems like I am just forgetting moments that feel like they should be memorable.  After reading /u/ciscomd's comment on reddit, I fervently avoid just taking photos of monuments and trinkets no matter how grand or unique. /u/ciscomd said,"

One time I found this old home movie my grandma made of their visit to the Grand Canyon back in the 50s. She's filming the scenery and a couple times you can barely see my dad and uncles run by. We're watching this in the mid '00s - 50 years later, near the end of her life. She goes "Why didn't I point the camera at them? I don't care about the Grand Canyon."

That's when I quit taking pictures without people in them."

In the spring of 2012, I studied at the University of Nottingham, England on an Alcoa College of Engineering Study Abroad Fellowship.  I studied abroad to challenge myself to learn in a system with different teaching methods, to expand my interpersonal skills, and to enrich my self-reliance.  The motivation and process of finding, studying, and learning course material was largely an independent effort.  Another key reason to study abroad was to take control of my education.  Independently completing the entire process, including the logistical arrangements, was very gratifying.  I met many wonderful friends who I still keep in touch with.  I kept track of all my travels on a Tumblr, pcaveneyuk.  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe beautifully summarizes this accomplishment, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

RAGBRAI 2016! My family and I did the Des Moines Register Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, RAGBRAI this summer.  We rode 420 miles in 7 days (average 60 miles per day) from Glenwood on the Missouri River (west) to Muscatine on the Mississippi River (east). 

My dad and brother and I also rode RAGBRAI 2012 (left) and RAGBFAI 2010 (right), and my dad and I rode RAGBRAI 2008. On the right we are dipping our front tires into the Mississippi River in Dubuque.

I ran my first half-marathon in 2014!  I am very happy with my time of 2:04:51 (9:32 per mile)

I finished the 2014 Nashville marathon in 5 hours and 12 minutes.  What a lot of running.  My average pace was 11:50 minutes per mile, a little slow but I just wanted to make it.  I finished 7th in my age group, 106th male, and 212 overall.  The race ended with a half mile of downhill toward the river on Broadway, the strip of country music bars and neon signs.  It was such a rush to see the finish line and all my friends cheering.

In 2015 I ran a half marathon in under 2 hours!  My chip time was 1:59:20 for a 9:06 pace.

Fall 2015 I ran the Atlanta half marathon with friends in the Bredesen Center.  I finished in 2:03:02, just over 2 hours.

Also in Fall 2015 I ran the Farragut 13.1 half in Knoxville.  This was a really pretty run through west Knoxville.  My time was 2:04:19, with a pace of 9:29.  At this point that seems to be my general pace.  I finished 8 out of 13 in my group.

On Thanksgiving 2015 I ran the Turkey Trot with my family.  I had a personal record of 23:29 (7:34 pace).  It was a great run with some drum and bass tunes.

In March I ran the Atlanta half with my good friend Hannah. We finished in 2:20 with a good 10:41 pace. The weather was nice and cool, and the route went through downtown and some pretty areas.