Hal Canfield DKX MileFest

Today, on the summer solstice, I ran in my first 1 mile race at the Island Home Airport, also a first. I finished in 6:20. Previously, my fastest per mile time was 7:34 at the 2015 Turkey Trot 5k. Island Home Airport is pretty cool. It's only a mile from downtown Knoxville on a small island in the Tennessee River. Of course because we ran on the runway and the airport is on a river the whole race was flat! Quite a rare thing in East Tennessee.


I set out to see the synchronous fireflies, Photinus carolinusagain. This time I went to Elkmont Campground, the best place to see them, three days after their peak activity. Conditions were very good for the fireflies. The campground is at 2000' (the ideal elevation) the temperature was warm (70s; above 55), and there had been only a little rain. First we went to a small cemetery. The air was very still and we saw many blue ghost fireflies along the edge near the forest. Blue fireflies are difficult to photograph. With the 30 second exposure below I only saw a few yellow fireflies. The open area of the cemetery isn't the best place to see the synchronous fireflies; they prefer more wooded meadows. We walked to a more wooded area and saw the fireflies synchronize! At this point I put my camera down and just enjoyed being there.

Sunrise Hike

Today my sister, mom, and I went on a sunrise hike. We woke up at 4 am to drive to Carvers Gap and hiked to Round Bald (5825'). The sun rose over layers of blue mountains creating a beautiful contrast with the orange sky. We then walked around the Roan Mountain Rhododendron Gardens. This time of year is when the rhododendron are in peak bloom. We got lost on the trails and there was a lot of cloud cover. We saw a few blooms but not any at an overlook. 

Firefly Hike

Today I went on my first night hike. We set out to see the synchronous fireflies. The fireflies are best seen at Elkmont, but the area is only open to those with a pass from the lottery in April. We hiked Abrams Creek because I'd done it before and the start is along the creek, hopefully where the fireflies would be. We started about 45 minutes before sunset, and hiked about 2 miles, paused to take pictures at the creek, and turned around to hike back in the dark. Hiking in the dark was a bit creepy. Spider eyes reflected my headlamp like diamonds with beautiful pure colors, but there were a lot of spider eyes. After having only seen a few fireflies on the hike we got back to the car and saw dozens in the field and forest edge next to the parking lot. Not what I was hoping for, but fun nonetheless. 

Abrams Creek

I hiked alone to Abrams Falls from Abrams Creek instead of the more popular trail from Cades Cove. I completed the loop on Rabbit Creek Trail that included two stream crossings I didn't know about before setting out. Carrying my boots and socks, I crossed bare foot. It was a peaceful hike, and I stopped many times to look at the spring flowers. I spent lunch on a rock in the middle of the stream a bit down river from Abrams Falls. The orange flower was toward the end of the hike around mile 11 and was the only flower of that type I saw on the hike. On my drive home, I saw a neighbor has about 25 of them growing just down the road.

Gregory Bald

This weekend a few friends and I hiked to Gregory Bald. This was a bit of a challenging hike with 3,000 feet of climbing in the first half (then descending 3,000 feet back to the car). The bald doesn't have any trees, only has azalea bushes, so there are beautiful views in all directions (including overlooking Cades Cove). We were about 2 weeks early to see the azaleas bloom. There were buds though. This was a great spring hike with a lot of flowers and greenery.